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Claire  Brennan is an artist living close to Kew Gardens in London.


Claire paints outside, taking boards, oil paints, palette knives and brushes with her and typically paints two pictures in tandem. This allows time for more dilute washes of paint to dry before adding the next layer, and then mainly using palette knives to add texture and drama to a painting.

When painting in Cornwall, Porthmeor Beach, St Ives, is the main subject of Claire’s seascapes. She enjoys using oils on board to capture the crashing waves and spray exploding from the rocks on stormy days. 

Claire uses the A4 sized paintings she produces en plein air as studies for large oil paintings.

Claire has a Chemistry degree from the University of Oxford and worked for JP Morgan, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Bank of America Merrill Lynch before becoming an artist.

Claire Brennan

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